Not quite wonder woman

No, you don’t have to be in the process of educating little kids to write a homeschool blog. (a disclaimer)

I browse through my share of homeschool blogs and Instagram accounts and it doesn’t escape my notice that the vast majority are in progress. I mean they are hands-on, in the trenches, still have children under 12, and are posting their activities in real time. That is awesome.

I wish the blogging thing had been on my radar 20 years ago. Of course, blogging or having a ‘weblog’ wasn’t something people started doing until the late 90’s and the word ‘blog’ didn’t make Merriam-Websters word of the year until 2004. So I guess I’ll forgive myself for that oversight.

The point is that I don’t want to give the impression that everything I write or IG about homeschool is something that is in the moment. As much as I love the in the moment accounts, I also like to see what the homeschooling veterans have to say and being what I consider a homeschool veteran, I hope you do too. There are gobs of good advice to be gleaned from both.

Before I started homeschooling, I remember calling an acquaintance who became a friend and plied her with my questions and fears about homeschooling. She had 3 daughters who were still homeschooling but the oldest was in high school so that made her a veteran. And at the time there weren’t hundreds of websites and blogs to go to for encouragement an information. Now there are literally hundreds.

The trick is to find a few blogs that speak to you and help you on your homeschool journey. Find a site that encourages you and inspires you.

Families that have homeschool graduates have a vast storage of knowledge. A lot of homeschool families are big families so by the time the younger kids start more formal learning, the parents already have some tried and true methods that work for them. Or if they’re like us, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other so we are always tweaking things, even now with only one high schooler left.

I have not been as present on my blog the past few years. I hope to remedy that. Part of the reason was the surgery I had last year but part was just taking care of family and work and making sure this last little one has the attention and educations she needs. I really have not wanted to devote the time to writing and helping other people until I reached a point that I could do so without taking away from my own homeschool student. And it’s not just the time writing. I get caught up in my own thoughts and my own little world and believe me, my family knows when my mind is distracted.

The year 2017 was interesting for us. We studied the 20th century decade by decade using literature set in each decade. If you follow my Instagram account you might’ve noticed. That is one thing that I get asked most about. In the next posts, I will start laying that out.

The idea of using literature to teach history appeals to many people. It just makes sense. The reading is entertaining, you can see how history intertwines with the lives people were leading at the time, and you can delve as deep or as shallow as your schedule and educational needs allow.

I’ll end this post with love to each and every family that homeschools. We all need encouragement.We all need motivation. We all need to be inspired.

A glimpse of 2017:

The Bodies Museum Atlanta, GA

Blue Ridge Mountains

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Savannah, GA Forsyth Park

Micheal C. Carlos Museum Emory University












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