Not quite wonder woman

About me


I like to think we are just a normal everyday family. Don’t we all?

That's me.

That’s me.


It’s that bit of not normal that’s unique to every family that gives us the differences that are worth sharing, the differences that help us learn from one another, and sometimes its the differences that make us the same.


My difference is the way my youngest is helping me look at the world a rethink how to homeschool middle and high school even though I’ve been at this teacher-as-mom gig for over 20 years. My difference is learning to be healthier so I will be alive for the important moments for my children. My difference is to be honest about my weight, unhealthy habits, and the ups and downs of balancing life, stress, and fitness. My difference is to sometimes be random, if I’ve dug into a serious topic I might want to share, so then I do.

I also would like to bring a lighthearted difference in not taking my actual house too seriously. There are so many things to buy and projects to work on in a house. So many times our plan gets downgraded by time and money, but you know what? It’s almost always nice, certainly always nicer than it was to begin with, sometimes better than expected, and every once in awhile it’s adequate and nothing to brag about. You can read these and laugh with or at me (either one, I don’t mind), you can try some things yourself, maybe get inspired, and maybe just do it better. If you do please send me pics. not quite wonder woman ecuador snake

Throw in a little travel and then you have a good idea of who I am.

Just a person kinda like you, sharing my interest, and trying to be good enough to be Wonder Woman, but not quite.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Mandy

    I love the q & a format. One more question, what is your secret for keeping the homemade jam off the iron? I’m always spilling my freshly churned butter on mine and leaving grease spots on the family’s crisply ironed underwear, and frankly it’s getting old having to hand wash them in the creek again after ironing.

    1. April Post author

      LOL! I really tried hard for a witty well thought out comeback but I was too cracked up. Glad you liked the Q&A, this was a hard page for me to do but I kept being advised be the people who know about such things that I need an ‘about page’.

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